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Our Privacy Policy summarises who we are, what our core business is and outlines the purpose of the above websites, all of which we are responsible for.   More information about us and our core sevices is also provided on this website.

Your choice to receive cookies

In-line with a new EU Directive regarding the use of cookies, owners of all UK websites are required to inform visitors of the use of cookies and obtain implied consent from visitors if they wish to continue to use the cookies, or alternatively we must provide a mechanism or guidance on how to switch them off.

About cookies

Cookies are small files used by websites to send data to your browser.  Our privacy policy outlines the  rational behind our use of cookies and how we use them.

The benefits to you of leaving your cookies enabled is mainly that websites will tend to work better for you,  some cookies will assist you with log-ins and form entry,  you may find that some other cookies make advertising more relevant and perhaps less repetitive.  The flip side,  if you turn them off, is that advertising will become less relevant and you will find things that used to work fine will just stop working properly.

Our use of cookies

In summary we don’t capture personal information.  We view analytics data captured on our websites, typically  through Google Analytics, to see what our visitors have been doing on our websites, enabling us to improve the design and relevance of of the content and services we offer.  In the case of  one of our sites, called Travel to London UK,  we also track visitors who click through to to see the details of products or services that are sold on affiliated websites.  All this is described in more detail in our Privacy Policy which we recommend you read if you have any concerns at all about you personal privacy.

Following our recent cookie audit,  we are now able to provide information about the cookies that will be used across our portfolio of  websites:

1) Google Analytics: 

Used by all: Stotsches & Walker,  Send a Parcel, Travel to St Ives, Travel to Football (desk and mobile), Travel to Olympics (desk and mobile)

Reason/Note: To enable us to view user analytics, i.e. to  see how many visitors arrive on our site, how long they stay, and what they look at.

2) Twitter:  Twitter Badge / Twitter Button 

Used by:   Send a Parcel, Travel to St Ives, Travel to Football, Travel to London UK,,

Reason/Note: Twitter likes and Twitter feeds (from our related Twitter account) have click throughs to Twitter.  When you click through to Twitter, they like to know where you’ve come from.

3) Facebook Social plugin

Used by:   Send a Parcel, Travel to St Ives, Travel to Football, Travel to London UK ,

Reason/Note:  We’ve got Facebook like buttons on each site and associated Facebook Applications (like mini-websites within Facebook) on all except Travel to Football.    When you click through to Facebook, they like to know where you’ve come from.

3) Other tracking / cookies used by affiliated websites

Used by:   Travel to London UK

Reason/Note:  For visitors who click through to some of the hotels and other services advertised on the Travel to London UK   we will share data about visitor session with the affiliated businesses who’s products and services we are advertising.  However,  you or any other individual cannot be identified from the data we share as it is aggregated and anonymised.  This data helps to show these organisations how effective our website is  as a sales channel for their products.   So, in the process of clicking through to these affiliated websites persistent cookies will therefore be dropped into the visitor’s  browser.  Advice on how to change or disable these (and other) cookies is provided below.   Currently this is the only website where we share this kind of data as this is the only site connected into overarching sales channels.

In due course we may endeavour (or may be required) to expand this section with more detailed information on the specifics of each particular Cookie (used by each specific affiliate network).  In the mean time however, we can confirm the affiliate networks we have partnered with are: Affiliate Window,   Trade Doubler.  Commission Junction, Affilinet and Rakuten.   We are not necessarily trading with these all at any given time.  Specific details of the Cookies that each network currently uses will be available on their website.

How to change your cookie settings / disable or enable your cookies.

Advice on how to alter your cookie settings and potentially switch your cookies off can be found via the  links below. But please be aware that by switching off these cookies you will most likely lose functionality and performance  on our websites  and other websites that you use.

Cookies operate within you browser sessions,  so the method of  disabling/enabling/altering your cookie settings will vary depending which browser you use.

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Your consent:

If you continue to use our websites, having seen this notice with all the information and assistance we have provided,  without making any changes to your existing cookie settings then we will take this as your agreement to use those settings as we have told you about them and we assume you are happy with them. If you change or leave cookie settings via the links and information we have provided above, you are giving your consent to use those which you have not changed or disabled.

For more information about why we are using cookies, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Footnote from the author:

Hi, if you have read  this far and have also read the related Privacy Policy then I hope you have found it informative, useful and most of all I hope you will continue to use our websites to their full potential with all cookies enabled,  as that is the way they are designed to be used (and continuously optimtised).

If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact me directly, or leave a note  in our Visitor’s Book.

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