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Our Mobile Web Product

Mobile web is  ubiquitous across all business sectors.  Our Director (Principle Consultant) has extensive experience in ‘mobile web’ and ‘mobile app’ product development, asdescribed in his ShowCase on the Directors Blog. This post however focused on a particular product which we developed for our own business ventures and ultimately developed the final iteration for a global brand.

Adaptive web compliments mobile apps and responsive websites, providing customers with an alternative branded channel,  with real-time connected  functionality. Unlike responsive sites,  adaptive designs are ergonomically optimised to operate efficiently on mobile devices. The adaptive sites that I’ve designed and built all provide a subset of the main website functions, i.e. the features that customers really need when out and about

Please note: These sites are currently under review – subject to be redeveloped.   Our apologies in advance if you click through to any of this sites and find  that they are currently down for maintenance.

These sites have been designed, built and launched by our Principle Consultant, between contracts.  They are small foot-print ‘mobile optimised’ websites. that deliver an ‘adaptive mobile web’ customer experience where the content displayed is ‘adapted’ to the device they are using.  Features of this type of mobile product are:

  • Can be connected to back-end services (such as CRM or payment systems)
  • Feels like an app: Response times are speedy and efficient as the content is an optimised version of the main website with a light weight page design
  • Short lead time to design and  low cost to  build,  launch and maintain
  • Supports the branding and business rules concsitent with the main website.
  • Capable of scaling up for  high visitor traffic volumes as the as the online mobile business takes-off.
  • The core product design can be replicated

Re-purposed for a Global Blue-Chip

A year after launching our own mobile product, we replicated the same design for a global client and integrated it into their back end services and business functions.  The site was used for several years as the main mobile retail channel to market for UK customers.

Our Principle Consultant led this  project from start to finish.  The project was delivered  in 6 weeks by a small team who were multi-tasking across this and several other business priorities.  Two key features of this particular project allowed us to deliver in such short timescales:

  1. We a implementaed a productised version of the scalable adaptive mobile solution,  designed by our Principle Consultant.
  2. A Web-Service layer was already available for easy connectivity to back-end systems

Agile methods were used to manage  the following activities:

  • Front end / user journey design
  • Tech design
  • Front end development
  • Server side development and database build
  • Back end integration (to web-service layer and custom database)
  • Test and bug-fix
  • Launch website
  • Launch on-line marketing and measure performance

Related mobile capabilities and experience.

Our Director has, for several years, been working outside this business on projects for other clients across multiple sector.  He spent ywo years in the Heritage sector in a Digital Product Management role, leading innovation, test and learn workstreams on mobile-first product design. He has also led mobile initiatives at  project and programme level (apps and  mobile optimised / adaptive web) for two financial services companies, a global media and entertainments business and a UK International bank. To read more about  this and other related business sector experience,  please see our Director’s Show-Case, or ‘Where I’ve worked‘ on the Director’s Blog.

You may have noticed  this (our) website is a mobile responsive site. We have also design and built  three mobile optimised sites listed below which automatically default to the mobile optimised versions if you navigate to the main website via search or type in the main (.co.uk) URL on a smartphone:

(one or more of these may be down for maintenance/replatforming between May and July 2018)

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