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eCommerce Programme

Our founder and  principle consultant,  Chris Molloy, was retained for  a total of 15 months to deliver this  transformational eCommerce programme for  a private equity business who’s  main activity is the sale of branded goods and services through its subsidiaries which are household names in the UK, the two largest businesses being house hold name brands in the UK.  Programme Management services  continued to be provided by Chris Molloy but contractual arrangements  switched through to  Summetria during the latter stages of this 15 month assignment,

The objective of the programme  was to strengthen the client’s online presence and support incremental revenue growth through improved digital performance. Online financial services products  included insurance (motor, home, travel) and white-labelled personal investments.

Scope of the programme included:

  • Series of mobile apps and adaptive mobile websites designed to run on iPads, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, to provide customers with ubiquitous access to the brand, its products and services.
  • Design, build and launch of two major websites, integrated into tightly managed commerce journeys (linked to aggregator / affiliate networks) to uplift online revenues. Integration of a self-service portal providing single sign-on customer access to products and services.
  • Upgraded analytics  and introduced A/B and multivariate testing,  targeting, session-replay tools, all integrated into new  business/operating models and delivering recognisable EBIT to the business
  • Social media /User Generated Content integration strengthening brand advocacy /customer reach.
  • Performance, capacity and resilience improvements to infrastructure/architecture and application tier. Delivered multi-tier architecture, enabling an agile change management process. Used IaaS/Saa

Additional sector experience of our Director and Principle Consultant

The above programme management  services were provided by our Director  who has also, for several years, been working outside this business on projects for other clients in the Financial Services and Banking Sectors.  This related experience is presented on his professional blog.  To read more about the capabilities and experience we have to offer,  in this and other related business sectors,  please see our Director’s Show-Case on our Director’s Blog.

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