Digital, eCommerce and IT Strategy

We have delivered strategy for:

  • Global blue-chip companies
  • SMEs
  • Individuals and start-ups

Whether you are focused on digital strategy, eCommerce strategy or IT strategy, we  have a wealth of technical, operational and commercial expertise and can engage at all levels across your organisation to surface technology road-maps that will underpin profitable online performance and business growth.

Our sPrinciple COnsultant has been retained  on strategy appointments by Fortune 500 companies, across industry sectors to put strategies and road-maps in place for digital and eCommerce transformations and online optimisation programmes.

We apply proven methods and work with your management team to help you prioritise your online goals, objectives and dependencies.  We know what questions to ask, what is current and have good insight into digital and IT trends and future digital/IT capabilities. This will inform the road-map for your  projects and programmes and enable you to achieve your targets for business growth and improved efficiencies.   Strategy will involve exploration and testing out new ideas. Our staff have experience in running proof of concepts and exploring the art of the possible, innovating with technology and business/ops models and testing out new products and services through user testing and public trials for house-hold name brands.

How we work

Strategy is about analysis, choice, leadership and communication.  We make sure that stakeholders are fully engaged, communications are working  and governance is in place and effective. There will be a set of business goals that deliver specific business benefits through the implementation for a successful strategy.  By translating business cases, requirements and prioritisation into strategy and road-maps we surface the plans for business and technical change and work through the tactics, projects and programmes in-line with the strategic agenda.

We ensure that strategic dependencies are joined-up. For example,  the  mobile phone is now a favourite device  for customers to access social media and online consumer products and services for shopping, banking, financial services etc.  This means that  social media is a valid channel for driving traffic referrals to websites for online consumer products and services, and for generating online sales. We ensure that that  social media strategy will go hand-in-hand with a mobile strategy (covering apps, web-apps, back-end/application integration).   Our online product development road-maps will be aligned through an overarching  Digital Strategy.

We take a customer centric approach to developing digital products, we test our hgypothesies through  proof of concepts and public trials and we use the learnings to inform our strategy. We are innovate with new technology and business processes. We manage risk by starting small,  working itertively and agile, moving quickly and efficiently to test and prove the concept before building on that success.

No matter how compelling a new website design may be, it’s true potential will only be realised when the new launch is backed up by a highly effective digital marketing strategy. Optimisation tools can inform the design prior to rebuilding and AB / Multi-Variate testing can reduce risk and increase confidence and actionable insight around the launch.

We ensure that course is maintained by working with the management team to establish good policy, governance and effective controls. ,

What we do

We are able to produce wither or all of the following for domestic and global businesses:

  • Digital Strategy
  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Online Strategies for SMEs and entrepreneurs
  • IT Strategy

We provide a strategy management and consultancy services through our Director and Principle Consultant who has extensive experience in each of these areas.  He has produced these strategies for domestic and global businesses and followed up by managing the development and delivery of related projects and programmes.  For more details on his experience, please link through to Director’s Blog or follow the specific links for each strategic role at the bottom of this page.

We  manage proof of concepts and public trials for innovation work-streams to verify that our strategy is working. We start small, work agile, move quickly and efficiently to test and prove the concept and build on success. We ensure that course is maintained by working with the management team to establish good policy, governance and effective controls

Digital Strategy

We specialise in digital strategy, which is as much about business and operational change as it is about leveraging technology.   Useful and innovative technology, developed around UXD (User Experience Design) principles will most likely need change and innovation around business and operational processes.  We have extensive experience in leading research and ideation in the digital space.  We develop product road-maps, lead product management, select and deploy the right tools and technology for the business. We select digital suppliers and partners and build teams to support the delivery of the strategy. We observe and listen to  customers who will be using our digital products and use this insight to challenge our strategic direction and  priorities.

eCommerce Strategy

We deliver eCommerce Strategies to UK and  global businesses which are joined-up with IT, digital and business strategies.   Our eCommerce Strategy will ensure that front-end designs are supported by an appropriate level of integration to deliver high performance transactions, UX responsiveness,  customer security reliability and quality.  Our eCommerce strategy will ensure  that the development road-map for solutions architecture will support the ever increasing demands for  connectivity to mid-tier and back-end applications applications.  Our eCommerce strategy will ensure the right topology and hosting arrangements for underlying hardware .  We have extensive experience in leading eCommerce Strategy.

Online strategies for SMEs and entrepreneurs

We have developed a generic approach to defining a low cost entry point strategy. This is suitable for entrepreneurs, individuals and small businesses who may be looking to strengthen their brand on the internet, using blogs, affiliate sites, social media and scalable web and mobile solutions.  All  this digital technology will be underpinned by effective digital marcom strategies.  The general idea is to start small and maximise social media campaigns  with limited (very focused) online campaigns to drive website traffic. We will set-out a digital road-map to support plans for business growth.

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IT Strategy

The approach we follow to establish an IT Strategy is broadly similar to the approach we follow with digital or online strategies. The significance of getting the preliminary stage right cannot be overstated: All key stakeholders will be identified and engaged so that scope can be confirmed and leadership and governance agreed. We develop a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed), establish communications, steering and programme/project controls. We plan and manage our strategy activities across 3 main work-streams, all running concurrently but with staggered starts as follows:

      • Analysis: confirming vision, goals, objectives, current situation and SWOT.
      • Choice: Evaluating the best options, selecting and prioritizing, confirming road-maps
      • Execution: Leading changes affecting people and the organization, policies, running programmes and projects.


Strategy Management or Consulting is provided as a professional service through Chris Molloy, our MD and Principle Consultant.  Chris has been retained on the following strategy roles over the past 10 years:

  • Strategic Digital Channel Manager: Chris recently worked for Historic Royal Palaces  (HRP) in this role, where he owned the strategic digital road-map, encompassing multiple product development projects across web and mobile…

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  • eCommerce Strategy Manager: DHL Express, the global courier business, was examining its eCommerce capability and reviewing its on-line presence. Chris was employed as the Interim  eCommerce Strategy Manager to consult with the management team and shape eCommerce and digital strategy. Scope included web, mobile, ACI applications and EDI, across all customer segments from large global companies to SMEs to residential…

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  • Online Strategy Consultant: Working with a small team of consultants for a global bank, working through digital transformation strategy, planning and road-mapping for online retail banking, part of the transition from high street to on-line banking…

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  • IT Strategy Manager: In his last permanent position, Chris was appointed IT Strategy Manager at Gist, the FMCG supply chain specialist which is part of BOC Group. This was followed by 2 year appointment on global IT services sourcing strategy, managing a global outsourcing programme…

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